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I occasionally write poetry and fiction, but most of my recent writing appears in the form of non-fiction articles or personal essays. I’ve also done a great deal of corporate communications for various government and non-profit organizations.
My writing has been published in the Globe and Mail, Winnipeg Free Press, Western Producer, Cahoots, Beyond Ordinary Living, Winnipeg Parent, Geez Magazine, Words of Life, Zygote, Fellowscript,  Rhubarb, The Messenger, and other print and web-based publications.  
I have also written and edited lots of newsletters, press releases, web material, brochures, etc. for past employers such as the federal government and my current employer, Canadian Foodgrains Bank. (If you’re really curious, just Google my name and – if you scroll down far enough – you’ll find my name attached to press releases with such diverse subject matter as “ending hunger”,  “responding to SARS”, “commemorating veterans”, and “the environmental impact of hog farming”. Note: Not all of the stuff on the “Heather Plett” Google search is me, but most of it is.)
In addition to writing for print/web, I have written film scripts for a few videos related to my work in international development. I have also written three plays that have been produced on “really-far-0ff-Broadway” stages.
If you are interested in hiring me for freelance writing (corporate, creative, etc.), you can find my email address on the “contact” page.  
To find out about the Fumbling for Words Writers’ Club, click here.
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